Criminal Defense

criminalHave you been arrested and/or charged with a crime like arson, assault or even murder? We have insight knowledge of investigative practices and police procedure. Our Criminal Defense Attorney’s have strong connections and local knowledge in the greater Sacramento area criminal justice system, we will fight for a fair outcome.

Firearms Law

firearmsHave you been charged with a firearms or ammunition charge? We are not only experts in firearms law–we are trained firearms instructors and enthusiasts and will represent and fight for your rights. Our attorney’s have a strong knowledge of current law and upcoming legislative changes.

DUI Defense

DUIHave you been arrested for Driving Under the Influence? Don’t take this charge lightly. We have been trained on DUI procedures which are not readily available for defense attorneys. We will pinpoint any mistakes in procedure and will fight for you so you can continue driving.


ExpungmnetAre you worried your future employer will easily find your criminal records? We can help expunge your record so that your employer or anyone you want to do business with cannot hold your misdemeanor or felony charges against you. We believe in second chances and our criminal defense attorney’s can assist you in this process.

Restoration of Firearms Rights

restorationHave you been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor offense and want to own a firearm again? All hope is not lost and your right to own a gun may be possible. Our experienced criminal defense attorney’s can help you navigate through complicated and confusing laws and processes. You deserve a second chance.