Restoration of Firearms Rights

Have you been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor offense and want to own a firearm again? All hope is not lost and your right to own a gun may be possible; however, the laws and processes are complicated and confusing.

Brandon Leibrock knows firearms law and firearms inside and out. Although it is a very complex and complicated process, Brandon Leibrock can help you navigate through this process and get you a second chance at owning another firearm in the future. Every crime is treated differently, and Brandon Leibrock can advise you of the steps to restore your rights and the actions that need to be taken. Call us today!

Brandon Leibrock is not only an expert in firearms law, he is also an avid firearms collector and gun enthusiast. He believes strongly in 2nd Amendment rights and is a life member of the National Rifle Association. His in-depth knowledge on the processes and laws, as well as his connections and local knowledge of the greater Sacramento area is invaluable. He believes that everyone should get another change and that owning a firearm is a basic right.