Prohibited Persons in Possession of a Firearm

Penal Code 29805 prohibits owning, acquiring, or being in possession of a firearm by those;
1. convicted of specified Misdemeanors
2. convicted of Domestic Violence

Penalties for Prohibited Persons in possession of a firearm
If you fall within one of the groups above and you; own, posses, purchase, or receive a firearm;

your gun rights can be revoked for 10 years or in some cases life
you could be sentenced to the County Jail for up to one year or State Prison for a term of up to three years

As with many of California’s gun laws P.C. 29800 has several exceptions and defenses. As a firearms expert, former police officer Mr. Leibrock understands how California Gun Laws work and how to defend against allegations of violations. Call us at 916-827-1529 or Contact us online to schedule a consultation