Marijuana Law

Are you charged with illegal marijuana sales, distribution, or cultivation? Although California has recently made recreational marijuana legal, the law is complex and confusing. Although it will be at least a year before rules are in place for recreational sales, there are aspects of the law you can take advantage of today one of the most significant for people is reducing prior felony convictions to misdemeanors.

Brandon Leibrock has an in-depth knowledge of the cannabis laws in the State of California and can help with licensing and business advise as well as criminal defense in the wide spectrum of cannabis charges. It is more and more crucial and important to understand these ever changing laws to avoid any charges and instead benefit from the positive economic impact of this emerging industry.

As a former police officer & detective, Brandon Leibrock is familiar with the complexity of illegal searches and seizures and can pinpoint any mistakes in procedure. He knows how to identify entrapment and illegal police sting operations. His experience is a true advantage for his clients and often result in a dismissal of charges. Call us today!