Felon in Possession of Firearm

Penal Code 29800 Prohibits acquiring, owning or being in possession of firearms by:
1. convicted felons or,
2. persons with an outstanding felony warrant, and
3. narcotic drug addicts.

Penalties for Prohibited Persons in possession of a firearm
If you fall within one of the groups above and you; own, posses, purchase, or receive a firearm;

your gun rights can be revoked for life
you could be sentenced to the State Prison for a term of up to three years

As with many of California’s gun laws P.C. 29800 has several exceptions and defenses. As a firearms expert, former police officer Mr. Leibrock understands how California Gun Laws work and how to defend against allegations of violations. Call us at 916-827-1529 or Contact us online to schedule a consultation