DUI Defense

Have you been stopped or even arrested for a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) offense? Don’t take a DUI misdemeanor charge too lightly. Are you being charged with a felony? If convicted, you face severe penalties from license suspension, probation to jail time. It will impact the course of your life–employment, credit, car insurance cost. Call us today!

As a police officer, Brandon Leibrock was trained as a DUI instructor by the California Highway Patrol. This training is not available to defense attorneys and gives his clients an invaluable advantage. This knowledge enables Brandon Leibrock to challenge improper arrests and erroneous implementation of procedures that are required after a DUI arrest.

Brandon Leibrock can easily identify illegal traffic stops and consequently inadmissible evidence. He will fight to exclude this evidence. The same goes for misconduct in field sobriety tests. They must follow NHTSA guidelines, a specific protocol studied by Brandon Leibrock. He will examine if law enforcement officers have failed to consider extenuating circumstances such as driver fatigue or certain medical conditions. This specialized knowledge often makes the difference between dismissal or conviction.