Have you been contacted by the police? Do you think you are suspected of committing a crime? Have you done something you think may get you in trouble? If any of these has happened, you should consult an experienced criminal defense attorney before you talk with ANYONE else.

If you find yourself to be the subject of a police investigation, you should contact an experienced criminal defense attorney before making any statements, even if you have done nothing wrong. Understand that investigators are human and are subject to the same emotions and prejudices as anyone else. It is not uncommon for a police officer to make up in their mind how a crime has taken place and who is responsible before they have gotten the full story. Having an experienced criminal defense attorney with you should you decide to make a statement to law enforcement gives you an advocate who can monitor the questions and answers provided, terminate the interview if necessary, and ensure the questions being asked are not designed to lead you to an answer that could make you look guilty.

As a former police investigator Mr. Leibrock has the ability to foresee where an investigation is going, and make sure your interests are protected from the beginning. Many times by intervening early we are able to prevent criminal charges from ever being filed, saving you thousands in legal fees.

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